Welcome to the site of Avia-Airsports

Who are you?

Avia-Airsports is a division of the Royal Military Sports and Culture Society, which operates from the military base of Beauvechain on saturdays, sundays and holidays. The objectives of Avia-Airsports are encouraging and developing all air activities such as paragliding, delta, swift, ulm, and also to support Defense in their recruitment policy and communication towards young people by organizing flight initiations.
So in fact we are a military club of birth, but we're open as well for civilians. Even stronger, our most active members are to be found among the civilians. It is and it remains a free time for all, and the daily operation of the club is not military oriented.
To get more info about these airial sports and the education we provide, check the links on top of the page.

Is this something for me?

Well, come and see for yourself. Fly along with one of our pilots for a tandem flight. Maybe you develop a taste for it, and want to start following a course.